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(Paragraph 5 of the University of Alicante’s Facility Hire and Use Regulations, approved by the Governing Council of 29 November 2010)

These usage regulations apply to the University’s common indoor facilities, lecture rooms, the auditorium and the assembly halls of Lecture Building 2, the Germán Bernácer building and the Halls of Residence, and any others which could be determined in the future. All other halls shall be directly managed by the centres in charge.

The University of Alicante may temporarily allocate facilities for activities or services delivered by public or private entities or UA or non-UA associations whose objectives are compatible with those of the University. Activities include tests, civil service examinations, conferences or meetings, provided that the normal course of UA-run activities is not affected. Unless a previous agreement has been reached with a University body, no facilities shall be rented for courses, Master’s degrees, etc., delivered by private entities.

All requests regarding UA facilities usage shall require an authorisation from the office of the vice president responsible for facilities allocations or rentals. In the event that the activity concerned may affect the University’s corporate image (photographs, television recordings, etc.), an authorisation from the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Relations shall also be required.

Requests shall be submitted according to the established procedures, via the online forms available on the Academic Management Service's website (Facilities Management Office), and must reach the office of the vice president responsible for facilities management at least 15 days before the activity. This deadline must be respected in all cases, unless an appropriate reason is provided. Booking requests from UA staff due to rescheduled classes, seminars, talks, etc. must be made 7 days prior to the activity at the latest.

All hire or use agreements involving a non-University of Alicante entity shall be contained in an administrative file (link to the agreement’s PDF file), specifying the purpose, period and economic conditions. Entities having signed an agreement with the UA regarding common facilities usage shall be exempted from entering into this contract, as they shall be considered UA staff. Such entities, however, shall have to submit the booking forms and state that there is an agreement in place. All income obtained from facilities rental shall be added to the University budget, mainly for facilities maintenance purposes.

The University reserves the right to terminate the agreement where, under exceptional circumstances, it may need to use the facility concerned for UA-run academic or cultural events, with at least 15 working days’ notice before the date booked.

The amounts for using the university facilities shall be paid in full once the agreement is signed and before the activity takes place. Only public administrations needing to make payments by instalments for invoicing-related reasons shall be allowed to use this payment method, which must be requested when the application is submitted. A full or partial payment exemption may be granted by the office of the vice president in charge of facilities management to non-profit entities or entities having signed an agreement with the University where this circumstance is specified after the corresponding request has been submitted, and only in the cases listed in Table 1 and Annex 1.

As a guarantee, a deposit shall be made to the University of Alicante for the following amount:

 · 10% of the agreed amount, of at least €200, when lecture rooms are booked.

 · 15% of the agreed amount, of at least €300, when IT rooms, lecture rooms containing audiovisual equipment or assembly halls are booked, and at least €600 when the auditorium is booked.

The deposit shall be charged as a guarantee for the following:

 · Breach of contract. Contractors shall not be entitled to a refund if they decide not to use the premises and facilities and no written notice is sent to the University at least 10 days in advance.

 · Possible damage to University facilities, or any other damage.

Public administrations are exempt from paying this deposit.

Any incidents arising from facilities usage by staff from the UA or partner entities not having paid a deposit shall be charged to the budget of the department, service, unit, etc. which booked the facility.

Assignees shall, at their own expense, contract the extra staff or equipment they may need (lighting, sound, projectors, screens, etc.) not included in the facility rent. If IT equipment from the UA is used, all expenses derived from its usage (e.g. printouts) and not included in the administrative file will be deducted from the deposit.

All fees are incorporated in the University of Alicante Budget, approved by the Social Council, and VAT is included.

The equipment set-up and removal time needed for the activity is included in the period booked.