Documentation to gain access for credit recognition with official foreign higher education qualifications

With regard to the documentation to be submitted in order to gain access for credit recognition with official foreign higher qualifications, the following was agreed at the meeting of the Academic Management Service with the Centres held on 20 March 2019:


Students who have completed their studies at a foreign university or college can choose between several options:


- Apply for recognition for an official Spanish university degree that qualifies for a regulated profession or equivalent to an official university degree. Applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Education.


- Apply for credit recognition of partial studies at a Spanish university. This option can also be applied for by those who have studied higher education in a foreign university or higher education institution and have not completed them.


PLEASE, BEAR IN MIND that those who have completed their studies with a foreign qualification that gives access to a state-regulated profession cannot simultaneously apply for a statement of comparability for the corresponding official Spanish university degree and access to a Spanish university through partial recognition of credits.


Likewise, the following degrees or studies issued or carried out abroad shall not be subject to official approval, statement of comparability or partial recognition of equivalence to a degree and to official university academic level or partial recognition of studies:


(a) Those with no official academic validity in the country of origin.


(b) Those corresponding to full or partial studies carried out in Spain, when the study centres do not have the required authorisation to teach those degrees, or when the foreign qualifications had not been effectively implemented in the foreign University or higher education institution at the time when the degree was issued, in accordance with the provisions of Article 86 of Organic Act 6/2001, of 21 December, on Universities. However, when these circumstances affect only part of the studies carried out, the partial studies that are not affected may be subject to recognition, where appropriate.


c) Foreign qualifications that have already been officially approved in Spain or study programmes passed and recognised to continue studies in Spain.


d) Foreign qualifications that have undergone a procedure of official approval or a statement of comparability to an official university level in Spain on which a decision has been taken regarding the same application.


e) Foreign qualifications achieved through recognition of professional practice in a percentage higher than 15 per cent of the total credits that make up the whole curriculum.




Applicants eligible for credit recognition at the University of Alicante must present the following documentation, as agreed at a meeting held by the university centres on 20 March 2019:


  • Original document and a copy of passport, foreign resident identification number (NIE) or ID card.


  • Original document and a copy of the academic record of the studies taken, issued by the home  university, stating the following:


- Name of the degree programme stating whether it is official or not


- grades of the subjects passed


- university grading system in the home country. The following must be stated:


    • minimum grade to pass the subject and
    • numeric grading scale including minimum and maximum grades that can be obtained


- total number of hours for each subject or, where appropriate, the information needed to calculate it (weekly hours, number of weeks covered for each subject, equivalence in hours of the number of credits, ...)


If the above information is not expressly stated in the Certificate, the home University provides the missing data in the document.


  • Syllabus (content) of the de subjects passed for which recognition is requested. The syllabus must be from the academic year in which the subject was passed.



  • Should you be eligible for any discount or fee waiver established by the Valencian Government Public Fees Act, you must submit original documents and copies of the relevant documents.


  • Statement of truth indicating that the applicant has not applied for the official approval of the degree certificate via the Spanish Ministry of Education (only in the case of qualifications giving access to regulated professions).




Both the certificate and, where appropriate, the documents presented to complete the information not contained therein (i.e. the syllabi), must be issued by the relevant authorities, authenticated through diplomatic channels along with the corresponding official translation if issued in a foreign language. Find further information here.