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Desktop computers in lecture rooms

1. Technical specifications

2. Basic software on lecture room computers

  • R 3.1.1
  • Salt
  • SMART Notebook 11
  • VLC
  • 7zip
  • Acrobat Reader XI
  • CD Burner XP
  • ChemCAD
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Gretl
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 22
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Kompozer
  • LibreOffice 4.2
  • Maple 17
  • Office 2010
  • Picassa 3

3. User guide

How to switch on your computer:

If it is OFF, switch it on.

If it is ON:

1. Press the green button to switch it off.

2. Wait 40 seconds.

3. Press the green button to switch it on.

Windows 7: the computer starts automatically.

Ubuntuthe username is alumno and the password alumno.

How to switch off your computer:

1. Click on the Inicio ('Start') menu and select Apagar ('Shut down').

2. After the computer shuts down, switch off the ON button. The green LED will go off.

How to change language:

The Windows interface allows you to change language using the desktop icons: Windows 7 en español ('Windows 7 in Spanish') and Windows 7 en valencià ('Windows 7 in Valencian').

Computer session:

The monitor has a USB input to connect external devices.

You have an unlimited computer session (installing software, adding hardware, saving, etc.).

Anything you add during the session will disappear when the computer is turned off. To store data for the next time you start the computer:

Windows and Linux have a partition called Unitat D: which is not deleted when the computer is restarted.

It is shared with and can be deleted by other users.

What to do in the event of problems:

If the computer does not start:

1. Press the green button (LED switch in the cabinet) to switch it off.

2. Wait 40 seconds.

3. Press the green button to switch it on.

In other cases please contact the reception office staff.