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Virtual teaching at the University of Alicante

Title: VIRTUAL teaching at the University of ALICANTE
Body: Council of Government
Date of approval: March 4, 2008


Recognition of the virtual tutoring


The University of Alicante, always at the forefront of the most innovative incorporation of technologies in all facets of an institution like the University, you need at the dawn of the EHEA boost and promote technological innovation as a natural means of generating educational innovation. In this line, on September 26, 2007 was presented at the governing framework for the Virtual teaching in the University of Alicante and the convening of the pilot project for the teaching of subjects in blended. As a continuation of this work will now be presented the proposal for the recognition of mentoring through the platform provided by the University and the possibility to reserve part of the teacher tutoring hours to make them virtually. The objective of introducing the use of information technologies and communication in formal education is improving the quality of the teaching-learning process, encouraging the active participation of the student and flexible students access to the resources offered by the University.


The University of Alicante will be available to the University community, from Virtual Campus, the right tools for the control and monitoring of virtual mentoring, both by students and faculty by academic leaders.

Adopted proposal

Up to a maximum of one third of the hours of tutoring can justify for attention to mentoring by students through the institutional tool Virtual Campus.

The teacher chooses to justify part of its schedule of tutoring for attention to mentoring through Virtual Campus is committed to:

Promote the use of the Virtual Campus tutoring tool among their students.

Respond within a maximum of 48 hours (2 business days), the tutorials that occur through the tool's Virtual Campus.