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Simultaneous studies

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service

1 University students wishing to begin other studies of the same educational level at the University of Alicante, simultaneando with that performed at the Center his academic record, containing shall proceed as provided for in this standard.

Students seeking to pursue a "simultaneous studies program" organized by the University of Alicante with the aim of facilitating the simultaneous pursuit of two or more titles will be required as a unique requirement for simultaneity of studies admission and enrolment in such program.

2 Will pursue two studios simultaneously, but not more than two.

To be able to combine studies will be indispensable condition that the student has fully overcome the first course or 60 credits for renewed teachings * of those who have already started.

3. Students shall be his request for simultaneous studies to the Dean or Director of the Centre who intend to join.

If the second study in which you want to access it has maximum limit of admission, you will need to perform the corresponding limitation.

4. In case of favourable resolution, the Centre containing the file be sent to chosen by the student to combine studies, certified copy of your personal transcript in which necessarily be recorded relative to their income ends at the University, stating therein, in any case, for the purpose of record few incidences occurring that they could effect academic, diligence stating the opening new file in the chosen Center. Also latter inform the Centre of origin few circumstances can affect your file at that.

5. Are excluded from the possibility of simultaneous studies listed in the annex.

* Text modified by the entry into force of Royal Decree 69/2000 of 21 January, which regulates the selection procedures for admission to universities for students who meet the legal requirements necessary for access to the University


Students who are pursuing studies in any of the following groups not may pursue simultaneously any of the same group.

Group 1

  • Technical engineering in computer systems
  • technical ngeniería in management computing
  • Computer engineering

Group 2

  • First-cycle degree in Hispanic Philology
  • First cycle of Bachelor's degree in English Philology
  • First-cycle degree in Catalan Philology
  • First-cycle degree in Arab Philology
  • First-cycle degree in French Philology
  • First cycle of Bachelor's degree in English Philology
  • First cycle of Bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation. English

Group 3

  • First-cycle degree in French Philology
  • First cycle of Bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation. French

Group 4

  • Diploma in business studies
  • First-cycle degree in administration and business management
  • First Bachelor's degree in economic cycle

Group 5

  • First cycle of chemical engineering
  • First-cycle degree in chemistry