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Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service


As a result of the different situations and requests of the students and former students of the University of Alicante, arises the need to identify the concept, the State and the effects of the transcript. For this reason, proposes the following standard:

Definition of academic record

Personal and academic data set reflects the trajectory of the student in the corresponding curriculum.

A / to student can have one or more files in this University.

The transcript States.

Open file

The open file is one that allows mainstream academic data.

The opening of proceedings will take place when the / the student to be admitted to undertaking or pursuing studies at this University and will enroll or request the inclusion of other academic data. This file is assigned an identification number.

The blockade of an open file is a particular situation caused by an irregularity or anomaly that prevents temporarily incorporating academic data.

An open academic may block for the following reasons:

-When the / the students to enrolled for the first time in the first year of a curriculum does not endorse any course in the academic year.

-When it is annulled the registration for non-payment of the corresponding fee 2 academic years.

- as a result of a disciplinary sanction as well established.

-When the / the student a has exhausted all the calls of which had to overcome a subject.

-When so established by this or another standard

The file will be unlocked when remedying the deficiency or cause that led to his blocking.

Closed file

The closed file is one that does not incorporate academic data.

The closure of the file will be in the following cases:

-by extinction of the curriculum to which it is linked.

-When the / the student to formalize a file transfer where it is not to combine studies.

-When students have requested and paid the issuance of the corresponding title rights.

-death of the student.

Reopening of closed files.

Provided that the corresponding curriculum has not become extinct, the closed files may be reabrise at the request of its holder, in the following cases:

-to enrol in courses that lead to obtaining a specialty or orientation established by the curriculum, or obtaining the certificate of teacher training for teaching in Valencian, or diploma of master of Valencian or the ecclesiastical Declaration of suitability.

-to continue the studies already initiated at the University of Alicante on transferred files, provided that it be admitted.

-When students have requested and paid the issuance of the corresponding title rights and subjects is pending review or rating.

-to pursue elective subjects of the curriculum in which the / the student a has paid rights of issuance of the title, provided that such subjects can be validated as complementary training in a 2nd cycle official university studies.

Curriculum extinguished only closed files may be reabrise, at the request of its holder, to adapt to a new plan of studies or to transfer to others.