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Postgraduate courses

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service

According to RD 778/1998, in article 17, the universities, through their respective centres, may provide lessons for university graduates on own home or intercurricular character career fields of knowledge and especially oriented to the professional application of such knowledge. Those who exceed these teachings may obtain university diploma of the University accordance with the provisions of article 6 or the corresponding title et seq. of the Royal Decree 1496 / 1987 of November 6, on procurement, issuance and approval of university qualifications.

The Board of Directors of 31 May 1991 approved the accession of the University of Alicante to the Interuniversity agreement about postgraduate studies leading to degrees of the universities. These latest titles, depending on the load and the academic qualifications required, are:

The doctoral Committee is responsible for coordinating the academic and administrative management of these courses.