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Student's permanent

Title: PERMANENCE of students

Body: Social Council

Date of adoption: 14 February 1989

Article 1:

Students are enrolled at the University of Alicante will have the minimum number of calls by subjects, as well as the minimum number of years to bring the rule of law.

Second article:

1. The maximum number of effective calls to eligible students enrolled in the University of Alicante is six by subject.

2 Means effective calls those in which the student presents to the final examination of the subject.

3. The conduct of the review referred to the fifth and sixth call shall be made before a Court of three teachers of the corresponding department or related, appointed by the Board of the Centre.

Article three:

1 Sold out the notices referred to in the preceding article, to students who have adopted, as a minimum, 4 (5) of the respective curriculum subjects, was given a seventh call, provided that they have not exhausted the time of permanence in the University.

2 Review this call will take place before a Court of equal features to that laid down in the second article, paragraph 3, designated in this case by the Rector.

Fourth article (*):

1. The term of stay of the students at the University of Alicante will be adjusted to the following limits:

a. in those studies that consist only of first cycle: formal duration of the race more than two years.

b. in those studies that consist of first and second cycle: formal duration of the race more than three years.

(c) in any case, shall not exceed three years extension of stay in the University for those students who have completed the first and second cycles.

2. For the purposes specified in this article, you will add one year in permanence, in the case of students who simultanean University studies with work, being able to properly certify this circumstance.

Fifth article:

1. To students from other universities, it will have the same treatment as students from the University of Alicante.

2. In any case, if the file transfer to the University of Alicante, entered them used calls and the intervening years of stay in the University or universities of origin.

Sixth article:

Provisions of these rules does not apply to students from third Cicl

Transitional provisions

First: Those students who have overcome, at least 2/3 of the disciplines that make up the corresponding curriculum, and that the validity of the regulations which now replaces have not been able to continue their studies at this University will have a last call, provided that they have not effectively exhausted six calls. Consideration of this last call will be carried out before a Tribunal appointed by the Rector as provided for in the third article, paragraph 2, of these rules.

Second: Establishes the validity of these rules in their entirety from next year and for the students who enrol first pro time at the University.

Derogatory provision

In accordance with article 27.2 of the organic law on University reform, and following the adoption of these rules governing the stay in the Alicante University by its Social Council, shall not apply to the enrolled students or to enrol in the future the University General provisions, insofar as they oppose the provisions of the present resolution.

Final disposition

This resolution shall take effect from the date of its adoption by the Social Affairs Council.

The Board of Directors is authorized to make the necessary arrangements in the development and implementation of the provisions of this regulation.

* Article 4: temporarily suspended its implementation by agreement of the Board of Government and Social Council dated 7 July 1993.