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Special Registration

Repealed by law visiting students approved by the Governing Council on May 27, 2010 (3 June BOUA).
Extraordinary fees is that students enroll in one or more subjects for reasons of self-interest and that entitles the issuance of the corresponding official certification of taken credits.
Persons concerned, both Spanish and foreign, who wish to expand knowledge not conducive to obtaining formal qualifications must certify that they meet the requirements for access to university studies.

You may request special enrollment in many subjects form part of the official curricula which are taught in the University and are offered as special registration, even third-cycle studies. Special registration shall be subject to the same incompatibilities or requirements provided for in the plans of study for core, compulsory or elective subjects.

In the core and compulsory subjects of first course of studies with maximum limit for admission to that cover all of the squares with official studies students, extraordinary fees will not be permitted.

Students with extraordinary registration will be subject to annual regime of official public prices for each academic year establishes the corresponding Decree of the Consell de la Generalitat. For official first and second cycle studies will be the level of experimentation 5, for the official masters studies apply the highest rate established for the studies of official master's degrees of the University of Alicante; and for the third cycle the highest rate established for the studies leading to the award of the qualification of doctor. are also obliged to pay record opening, University ID card, and accident insurance. Shall not apply you as regards minimum amount.

Extraordinary fees may not synchronize with the ordinary.

The credits studied at special registration regime may be validated or adapted when the student starts with subsequent studies leading to the award of a degree at the University of Alicante.

Students with special registration has the same rights as the pupils with ordinary registration except the of hold representation on the bodies of the University and those relating to reduction, bonus or exemption of fees.

The person who wants to study with extraordinary fees requested it during the regular registration. The Dean or director of the Center will resolve claims. Where extraordinary tuition is in more than one centre, students can choose the Centre which will have the file, which will be unique. The file number will be different from what it was in the case of having been already enrolled in this or another study.

Not considered extraordinary fees the following subjects:
  1. Those whose improvement will lead to a speciality or orientation should be included in the official title corresponding to the respective curriculum.
  2. Leading to the obtaining of the "Certificat de capacitation or mestre valencià"
  3. Those who pursue to get the "ecclesiastical Declaration of fitness"

Required documentation to formalize the registration:

-Photocopy anotehr (*) on the card of selectivity or anotehr photocopy (*) of the
record of BUP and COU or baccalaureate (book of fees or certificate)

-Students from FP has provide an anotehr photocopy (*) of the certificate
academic officer of the study that gives them access.

-Photocopy anotehr (*) of the College

-Certification from College in the country of origin.

(*) To collate a copy the original document must also present. The original will be returned after checking the authenticity of the copy. If photocopies are already cotejadas and legalized before a notary or by the diplomatic or consular representations of Spain in the country where appropriate document, the simultaneous presentation of the original is not required.