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Extraordinary December (CED)

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service


EDC may ask for a maximum of three subjects.


Students applying for examination in the EDC only enjoy another call at the same academic year can opt, interchangeably, June or September, without further requirement that the presentation to review in any of them.


For the CED they governed by existing official programmes during the previous academic year immediately.


The results of the tests in CED will be published in the bulletin boards of the various departments.



To be able to attend the EDC it will be necessary to meet any of the following requirements:


a) have been enrolled in previous courses in the subjects for which the EDC (*) is requested.

b) have a maximum of three subjects pending to complete their studies, but does not meet the above requirement.


(*) This requirement shall not apply to students enrolled in studies offered by the following schools: Faculty of Economics and business sciences and College of business studies "Germán Bernácer" (according to agreement of the Government Junta on June 13, 1996); University School of Social work (according to agreement of the Board of the Centre on December 2, 2002), College of optics and optometry, from the academic year 2008-09 (according to agreement of the Board of the Centre on December 4, 2007) and Faculty of Sciences(1) (according to agreement of the College Board dated March 3, 2008).

(1) La Facultad de Ciencias, established that also must meet other requirements, according to agreement of the Board of Faculty of June 9, 2008.


2.1 Application


Students wishing to attend the EDC must request it through the program of registration, the deadline for enrolment.

2.2 Payment of fees


Rates for the subjects for which the student has applied CED will be included in letters of payment corresponding to the registration of that academic year. Pupils applying for review in the EDC of all the subjects that are enrolled in this academic year, may be does not fractionated payment of applicable fees. According to the instructions for the 2012-13 course fee approved by the Governing Council on 28 June (BOUA 29), it may be split payment.


The non-payment of some of the receipts of the registration within the prescribed, will entail the annulment of the same in all and each one of the subjects in which the student figure enrolled, with consequent invalidity of academic effects which, if any, have been.


Applicant students scholarship or aid shall be exempt from the payment of their tuition fee, unless your request is resolved. Where, then, not obtain the status of fellow, or revoked the scholarship granted, are compelled to pay the fee for enrolment formalized within 20 days of receipt of the notification of the payment. The non-payment of the fee will result in the cancellation of registration in all subjects, with the invalidity of the academic purposes referred to in the preceding paragraph.

2.3 Lists of students applicants of EDC

Teachers may provide, by 31 October, listings with students who have applied for EDC. By November 8 departments notify centres subjects requiring a reserve of classroom as well as date, time zone and time required for the examination.