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Catalog of free elective subjects

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service

At the beginning of each academic year, will be a catalogue that will determine the subjects and other academic activities that constitute the object of the free choice of the student.


* The centres, in coordination with the departments, and through the computer application established, developed the relationship of the subjects offered for the free choice of the students, with an indication of the number of places, the schedule of teaching, classroom and teacher of the subject.

* Departments will develop a report indicating whether they distribute teaching in more than one curriculum or not, and if so, if any of the subjects or subjects of these curricula are identical or very similar or they can be subsumed elsewhere, in order to eliminate the supply of free choice in one or more of the qualifications. Departments shall forward this report to the coordination service and information.

* They will develop a catalogue with all the subjects offered in General and for each specific studies, which should be available for distribution among students before the start of the registration process.

* For a subject can be included in the catalogue of free choice, is prerequisite that has assigned schedules, classroom and exam date.