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Recognition of prior learning for students of master

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service


Article 9.2 of the Dr. 56/2005 of 21 January, which regulates the official University postgraduate studies, lays down that the body responsible for the development of the programme shall set the minimum number of credits, as well as the subjects of the programme to study each student, based on the previous training attesting. However, States that "in any case, obtaining master's degree will require study, under the programme, a minimum of 60 credits".
The rules for the official titles of master's and doctorate from the University of Alicante provides features in which you can produce this recognition for prior training as a general rule (art. 14 and fourth transitional provision), and provides a specific and transitional situation for master's degrees from degrees of the University of Alicante (third transitional provision).
This procedure develops the steps to follow for the recognition by pre-employment training, qualifications, its translation in the case of the student and the rate to be paid.

Body responsible for proposing the recognition

The competent authority to propose and raise recognition for approval to the postgraduate studies Committee for prior training is the master's academic Committee. In the recognition of prior learning, the Commission shall establish in their resolution the subjects of the master that will take the student to obtain the degree.


The recognition of prior learning has no rating and no computed for the purposes of the media file.


The recognition of prior learning will be reflected in the file with the name of "Recognition for training on" and the number of credits recognized. In the case of students who completed the same degree of the University of Alicante, which has become official masters will incorporate also the list of the courses given by recognised.


From Spanish public centres official recognition is not encumbered by any rate. In other cases will be charged a fee of 25% of the amount of appropriations that are overcome by this procedure.

This procedure supersedes the "proposal for regulations on its own official programmes of post-graduate students training", approved by Governing Council dated February 28, 2007.