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Visiting students

Title: Students with rules visitors
Body: Council of Government
Date of approval: May 27, 2010


In recent years, an increasing number of Spanish and foreign students express their interest in accessing the University of Alicante, temporarily to conduct courses to complete his academic training, but without integrating regularly in leading official studies to obtain a degree or equivalent or graduate degree. The elaboration of a set of own rules is required in order to set a specific regulation, laying down the procedures by which estosestudiantes have access to the UA.


Visitors are considered national university students or foreigners who, outside the framework of official programmes and exchange of inter-university agreements, enrol, in the form of special enrollment in formal teachings to study subjects of grade or equivalent or graduate out of the normal procedures for access.
Studies under this modality does not grant any rights to the continuity of the studies nor any official title of the AU. If the student subsequently agreed to official studies of UA, it could request the recognition or the transfer of credits, under the conditions laid down by the regulations of the AU. In no case may combine the special registration with the ordinary.
They may be visiting students of degree or equivalent those which, through official certification issued by your home University, have been enrolled in graduate studies, as well as those who prove to be in possession of the necessary requirements to gain access to Spanish universities, as provided for in the legislation in force. In the case delosestudiantes of postgraduate, those who are in possession of a degree or equivalent. If they are foreign, must prove in addition, the level of Spanish conocimientode stipulated in the annual supply.
Students may choose the offer of the UA studies subjects, but does not synchronize degree or equivalent with postgraduate studies. The number of credits registered in this form may not be higher than 30 for a semester or 60 for a full academic year. In case of admission into a second year, request justified by exceptional cases, they may not

Register for more than 60 credits in the aggregate of the two years.

Visiting students are eligible to participate in academic activities and to be evaluated in those courses that enrol, as well as to obtain a certificate issued by the UA that stating the qualifications obtained.


Students interested formalizarán an application for registration in those subjects in the supply of the UA studies who wish to pursue, within the limits indicated. This request will be submitted to the Vice President for international relations and cooperation, which will solve the admission.
The UA may limit the admission of students to those subjects of first course whose offer of places has covered with official students, as well as those others that determined each year.

In any case, shall also apply the prerequisites set out in the various studies of degree or equivalent.


The right to education and evaluation will be exclusively for the period in which the visiting students enrol, not generating any right for successive periods. Students enrolled in the first half may apply to extend your stay for a second semester within the same academic year, according to the procedure established for students in mobility programmes.
Completed the period of stay, the UA will deliver academic certification, containing personal data of the student, the subjects studied, the number of credits obtained qualifications and the period during which their studies.


Visiting students will have the same rights and obligations as the rest of the students of the University of Alicante, in the use and enjoyment of the University services, without another limitation that which arises from its academic status. In any case, excluded from participation in the bodies of representation and of the University.

This type of registration will not be included in the scope of grants and Government aid.


Visiting students will pay the modality of extraordinary registration fees, as well as administrative fees to the opening of proceedings and University ID card.
The price of credit in the form of studies shall be fixed in accordance with each year having the Social Council of the AU, which will regulate also the possible reductions or exemptions. The payment must be made effective in the first month of the stay of the student. The cancellation of the registration does not give right to the restitution of the amounts, except for reasons imputable to the University.


The visiting students are not included in the scope of the school insurance. Why must justify, at the moment of formalizing your tuition, with health care and accident insurance to cover the period in which the studies performed.


Since the adoption of this regulation, with the rules of registration special for the University of Alicante, approved by the Governing Council of the AU dated 23 September 2003 and amended by the Governing Council of the AU with date July 30, 2008 is repealed.