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Validations and adaptations

Text refundido elaborated by the Service of Academic Management


1. Convalidación.

Convalidación Is the academic process-administrative that to application of a student incorporates to his file, one or more asignaturas, that consider equivalent in content and load lectiva with asignaturas surpassed in other university studies (official), or in the same if you treat of foreign educations.

2. Adaptation.

Adaptation is the administrative process that to application of a student incorporates to his file the matters, asignaturas or credits already surpassed in studies conducentes to the same titulación official.

3. Incorporation of Credits.

They will incorporate , with the character of free election and with his qualification of origin, the credits surpassed or recognised in the same or in other studies, whenever they are not convalidables by troncales, compulsory or optativas.
In the case of asignaturas of plans of study no structured in credits will be adapted as the load lectiva that had in his plan of origin. The transformation in credits of the load lectiva of these asignaturas will calculate dividing by ten the number of annual hours (theoretical and practical) established in his plan of studies. To obtain the number of annual hours when the number of hours reflected in the plan of studies are weekly hours, these will multiply by 30 if you treat of an asignatura annual and by 15 if it is a cuatrimestral or semiannual.

4. Public prices.

According to the wording of art. 16 of Law 9/2011, of 26 December, on Fiscal Administrative and Financial Management and Organization of the Government, amending art. 143.2 of Legislative Decree 1/2005, of February 25, the Consell of the Generalitat, by approving the revised text of the Law of Taxes of the Generalitat Valenciana:


5. Commission of convalidación of district.

5.1. The Commission of Convalidación of District composes of the following members:

President/to: The/the Vicerrector/to with competitions in studies and titulos official


It Will act of Secretary the one who the President designate.

5.2. The Commission of Convalidaciones will be summoned by the President in those that occasions considers timely to resolve subjects of his competition.

5.3.The competitions of the Commission of Convalidaciones are:

To)Coordinate the criteria of performance of the Commissions of Convalidación of Centre.

b) Resolve the resources posed in front of the Commissions of Centre.

c) Pronounce on those situations for which was particularly consulted by the Commissions of Centre.


6. Commissions of centre of convalidación and evaluation of files.

In each Centre there will be a commission of convalidación that will know of the applications of all the asignaturas or credits that integrate in the curriculum of the alumnado that cursan studies adscritos to said Centre. This commission will have the following competitions:


To)Resolution of the applications of convalidación and adaptation.

b) Evaluation of files in the supposed of transfer for access to a 2º cycle having surpassed the first complete cycle of the same or other studies and determine, in his case, which asignaturas or credits substitute to the already surpassed.

The regulation of operation and the criteria of composition will be approved by the Board of each centre.


The Commission of Convalidación of Centre will have to notify the resolution expresses of the applications of convalidación and/or adaptation of the students that have enrolled in the official period that establish to effect the matrícula, before the 15 of December. For the students that enrol subsequently to the official period and present application of convalidación and/or adaptation, the resolution and back notification will have to realise before the 31 of January.

The minimum composition of the commissions will be the following:

* President: a Vicedecano or Subdirector designated by the Dean or Director of the Centre.
* Secretary: The secretary of the Centre.
* A professor of the Department to the that corresponds the asignatura of which requests the
* A student designated by the Council of students of the Centre of between his representatives.
* A member of the Personnel of Administration and Services of the Secretaría of the Centre.

Those centres that do not have of Commission of Convalidación will have to constitute it in the term of 3 months from the approval of this norm by the Board of Government.

7. Common norms of operation.

The announcement will effect it the President with an antelación minimum of 72 hours accompanying the order of the day.

The operation of the Commission will adapt , in all the other, to the willing in the Statute of the University and to the internal rule approved by the University.

The Commission, when it estimate it convenient by the special complexity of the convalidación, will be able to request the asesoramiento of specialists in the matter.

For the resolution of applications will have to atener to the general criteria that establishes the RD 1267/1994 of 10 of June and the only additional disposal of the R.D. 1044/2003, of 1 of August. The denials will have to be properly motivated.

8. Procedure.

The students will present the application of convalidación or adaptation in the secretaría, inside the term of matrícula of each course.

Together with the application, will have to present the following documentation:

In case of disconformidad with the resolution of the Commission of Convalidación will be able to demand in front of the same in the term of 10 days. Once resolved the claim will be able to present the corresponding resource in front of the Commission of District.


9. Common criteria of convalidación / adaptation.

In no case they will be able to convalidar neither adapt first complete cycles or titles of first cycle by others of first cycle conducentes to titulación distinct that give access, with or without complementos of training, to a same second cycle.


It will proceed to the adaptation of the matters troncales totally surpassed (1.1.b Of the Annex I of the RD 1267/1994, of 10 of June – BOE of 11.06.1994). When the matter troncal in the studies of procedencia have not been surpassed in his whole, the asignaturas of this troncalidad that have surpassed and that present to adapt, will have to fulfil the 2 following requirements:
  • That the number of credits are, at least, 75% of the number of credits of the asignaturas by which want to adapt .
  • That contain, at least, a 75% of the contents of the asignaturas by which want to adapt .
They Will have to fulfil these same requirements when it treat of adaptations between asignaturas of compulsory matters and optativas or of convalidaciones between asignaturas of distinct studies (text modified by agreement of the Board of Government of 22-XII-2000).
For the allocation of qualification, when two or more asignaturas of the plan of studies of origin constitute an asignatura or matter in a plan of studies of this University will calculate the average ponderada taking into account the following criteria approved by the Council of Government the 27 of November of 2003:

The norm of the UA on qualifications establishes, with general character the system of assessment of the aprovechamiento accredited by the student, based in a numerical qualification, of 0 to 10, and his corresponding literal. For each literal qualification establishes a minimum value and another maximum, between which will be able to fluctuate the numerical qualification, as well as a standard value for when it need the assessment in points of a literal qualification. The correspondence of literal and numerical qualification is the following:

Suspense (Minimum:0 , Máximo:4.9,Estandar:4 )
Approved (Minimum: 5, Máximo:6.9, Estandar:6 )
Remarkable (Minimum:7 , Máximo:8.9, Estandar:8 )
Excellent (Minimum:9 , Máximo:10, Estandar:9.5 )
In the studies of First and Second cycle, the quotation of “Matrícula of Honour” will be able to be awarded to students that have obtained an equal or upper qualification to 9.
By all this, the Commissions of Convalidación, to resolve the applications of convalidación or adaptation presented from the course 2003-04, will take into account the following criteria:

For the recognition of credits, will apply the established in the norm on qualifications.


REAL DECREE 1267/1994, of 10 of June, by which modifies the Real Decree 1497/1987, of 27 of November, by which establish the common general guidelines of the plans of studies of the university titles of official and diverse character Real Decrees that approve the own general guidelines of the same.

The basic units of adaptation of partial studies will be the "matter troncal", the "asignatura" and the "credit".

The basic unit of convalidación will be the asignatura, taking into account the level of knowledges, identity of contents and load lectiva.

The asignaturas adapted or convalidadas will consider surpassed, to all the effects, and therefore no susceptible again examination.


First article.

13. Annex I:

One. Spanish university studies.

The Universities will adjust for the adaptation or convalidación of studies cursados in Spanish centres to the following general criteria:

1. Between studies conducentes to a same official title:

It will proceed to the adaptation of:

To)Anyway, the first complete cycle of the university educations of two cycles.

b) The matters troncales totally surpassed in the centre of procedencia.

c) When the matter troncal have not been surpassed in his whole in the centres of pro
cedencia, will be able to realise the adaptation by asignaturas whose content and load lec-
tiva Are equivalent.

d) In the case of asignaturas compulsory or optativas of university will be able to realise the
Adaptation by asignaturas whose content and load lectiva are equivalent.
The matters and asignaturas adapted figurarán with this denomination in the file of the University of destination that, to the hour to admit a certification, will have to do feature the asignaturas or matters that are adapted and, to application of the interested, rid certification of the qualifications that feature in the official document of the University of procedencia.

And) they will adapt the credits of free election cursados by the student in the University of procedencia.

2. In the studies conducentes to distinct official titles will be convalidables those asignaturas whose content and load lectiva are equivalent.

3. The Council of Universities, to proposal of the Universities and in application of the previous criteria, will be able to establish basic tables of adaptation between the same university studies and, whenever it was possible, basic tables of convalidación of asignaturas between distinct university studies, indicating matters and asignaturas.

4. To end to homogenise the qualifications of the distinct Universities establish , to all the effects, the following table of equivalences:

Suspense: 0; approved: 1; remarkable: 2; excellent: 3; Matr. Of Honour: 4.

5. When it was necessary to do a ponderación of said qualifications will effect following the following criterion: sum of the credits surpassed multiplied each one of them by the value of the qualification that correspond, from the table of equivalences of the separated previous, and divided by the number of total credits of the corresponding education.
The asignaturas convalidadas will have the equivalence in corresponding points to the qualification obtained in the centre of procedencia; for the asignaturas adapted will compute the qualification obtained in the centre of procedencia and the recognition of credits in that it do not exist qualification will take into account to the effects of ponderación.

Two. Foreign university studies.

1. They Will be susceptible of convalidación the asignaturas cursadas abroad when the content and load lectiva are equivalent in accordance with the criteria established by the Council of University Coordination in application of the art. 36.1 of the Organic Law 6/2001 of 21 of December of Universities, and when they fulfil the other distinguished requirements by the applicable rule.

2. For the students that are not national of States that have like official tongue the Spanish the Universities will be able to establish the proofs of languages that consider pertinent.