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Curriculum Evaluation by offsetting qualifications delalumnado

Organ: Council of Government
Date of approval: 29 of November of 2012



The existence of the evaluation curricular by compensación has already long tradition in many and prestigious European and Spanish universities. His justification sees reinforced in our days by the positive and progressive implantation, beside the classical procedures of qualification, of the evaluation continued in the group of the stages and educational levels, being this system the referent, regarding models of evaluation of the academic results of the university students, inside the EEES.
The procedure, however, is not new, since it was during a lot of years of general application in the Spanish university referred to the superación of the selective course of the Schools of Engineers and of the Faculties of Sciences. At present, the possibility to enter the Courts of Evaluation Curricular and the regulation of his performances base in the principle of academic freedom of the Universities, paradigm of the institutional guarantee recognised to the University under the denomination of "university autonomy" and recognised on purpose in the article 27.10 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

Likewise, in the text refundido of the Organic Law of Universities, Law 6/2001, of 21 of December, of Universities (B.Or.And. 24/12/ 2001), modified by the Organic Law 4/2007, of 12 of April (B.Or.And.13/04/2007), in his article 2.2.f. Affirm , in the frame of the definition of the autonomy of the universities, that these will be able to regulate "the admisión, diet of permanence and verificación of knowledges of the students". In this sense, the article 172.1of the Statute of the University of Alicante establishes that the general criteria of verificación of the knowledges of the students constitutes a competition of Council of Government and of the boards of Faculty or School, and his application corresponds to the departments.

The justification of the evaluation curricular and of the Courts of Evaluation Curricular encuadra in varied reasons.
In the first place, the existence of important changes in the concept and the purpose of the university education. At present, the achievement of a university title does not suppose the abandonment of the university training because we know that the renewal of knowledges is ineludible and is necessary the permanent education, such and as it recognises it the Organic Law before mentioned.


Second, can find reasons of efficiency and responsibility of the University, that has the obligation to obtain the maximum performance of the material and human resources that have employed in the training of each student and favour his empleabilidad, in accordance with the pointed in the statements of Bolonia and Sorbona.


Finally, the suitability to enter global criteria to evaluate to the students, correcting possible derivative negative effects of the fragmentation of the curriculum in multiple asignaturas, the necessary consideration individualizada of the circumstances and the academic path of the students.



The evaluation curricular will affect only to the official titles that offers the University of Alicante in the moment of the approval of this norm and that drive to the obtaining of the title of Graduate, Architect, Engineer, Diplomado, Technical Architect, Technical or Master Engineer. It Will be described an asignatura by compensación when it ascertain the fulfillment of the requirements that establish to continuation and without perjuicio of the limits that establish in the following article:


1. That the student was enrolled in the University of Alicante and there is cursado in her, at least, 50% of the corresponding credits to the titulación of which requests the evaluation by compensación.


2. That treat of corresponding credits to asignaturas troncales or compulsory of a titulación. In no case it will proceed to the compensación of credits optativos or of free election.


3. That the credits whose qualification request by road of compensación correspond with the last necessary matter for the obtaining of the title, excluded those linked to the practicum or to the work end of career.

4. That the student have exhausted, at least, five announcements of the asignatura to evaluate by compensación.

5. Than in any of the announcements exhausted of the credits to compensate the student have obtained an equal or upper note to 3,5 points.


6. That the student was enrolled of the credits that requests to compensate in the moment of his application.


7. Only it will be able to compensate an asignatura and the number of credits of the same will not be upper to 15.


With independence of the requirements established in the separated II, the evaluation by compensación will remain subject to the following limitations:


1. The evaluation by compensación only will be able to be awarded once, not being able to request again compensación in any one other titulaciones that curse the student in the University of Alicante.


2. It will not have right to application of compensación when it access to a second cycle from a first with terminal title in which have done use of the same.

3. It will not concede compensación of credits to those pertinent students of other universities that had used the compensación in them.

4. Likewise, it will not concede compensación of credits to those students that have instructed them disciplinary file and have been sanctioned by grave fault.


1. The application by compensación will realise by means of instance directed to the Rector, where will do feature the credits whose approval request , and will be presented in the Register of the University of Alicante -general or auxiliary- or in any one of the registers to that it refers the art. 38.4 of the Law 30/1992 of 26 of November of Juridical Diet of the Public Administrations and of the Common Administrative Procedure


2. The term of application will be of 15 skillful days from the closing of corresponding records to the two announcements to that has right the student.
3. The administrative management of the applications will correspond to the Service of Academic Management of the University of Alicante.


1. The Commission of Evaluation Curricular by Compensación is an academic organ that has by purpose the constatación of the fulfillment of the requirements established in this regulation.

2. The Commission will be formed by the rector or person in the one who delegate, the general secretary of the University or person in the one who delegate and two vowels, headline and acting, chosen by and between the deans and directors of centre in Council of Government.

3. The Commission has to be established in the first Council of Government of each academic course. In case that any of the vocal elected lose his condition, will proceed to choose to his substitute in the following session of the Council of Government.

4. The Commission will gather after the finalización of the period of cumplimentación of records of the asignatura for which requests compensación.

5. The Commission will constitute previous announcement of his president. For his valid constitution requires the presence of all his members, not being admissible the delegation of the vote.

6. In the case that the applications fulfil the willing in the present regulation, will concede the compensación until the maximum of credits that establish to such effect.

7. The asignaturas approved by compensación will not be able to be object of convalidación.


1. The resolution of the Commission exhausts the administrative road. The notification to the student will effect in a time limit of 30 days from the finalización of the term of application.

2. In case that the resolution was favourable, will send notification of the same to the Centre in that imparta the titulación in which find enrolled the student that requests compensación so that his secretaría administrative incorporate the qualification of "Approved by Compensación 5" to the academic file of the student on the asignatura compensated. The effects of the compensación will produce in the immediately back announcement to the application.

3. In the case that the resolution of the compensación was desfavorable, will be able to interpose resource in front of the contentious jurisdiction-administrative, in a term of two months, or resource potestativo of replacement in front of the Commission of Evaluation Curricular by Compensación, in the term of a month, explained from the following day to the notification of the resolution.


All the denominations contained in the present rule of organs unipersonales of government, representation, charges and members of the university community, as well as any another denomination that effect in feminine or masculine gender will understand realised and will use indistinctly in one or another gender as the sex of the headline that exerted them or of the person to that it do reference.


The present normative will go in in force the next day of his publication in the BOUA, after his approval by the Council of Government of the University of Alicante.