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Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service

Regulations of reference and procedures for managing


The optional subjects are defined in section 7.1. of Royal Decree 1267 / 1994 dated 10 June (Official Gazette 11.06.1994), amending Royal Decree 1497 / 1987, November 27, which lays down the common general guidelines for the curricula of the university degrees of official and various royal decrees that pass their own guidelines:

"the freely established by each University, which will include them in the corresponding curriculum so that the students choose between them." Each optional subject must have one workload in credits sufficient to ensure the delivery of relevant content, without repeating the already included in the core subjects or the mandatory.

The name and content of compulsory and elective subjects respond to scientific criteria.

In the first cycle of the teachings of first and second cycle referred to in article 4 of the Royal Decree referred to above, at least one 15 per cent of the number of credits of compulsory or elective subjects should be reserved for matters complementary or instrumental not specific for the qualification in question.

When an optional subject not offer from a course, students who had been enrolled her in the previous immediate course, entitled to enrol for this course only once in the following year, while it runs not out calls.

With this registration does not get right to teaching and will entail the payment of the totality of the rate with the corresponding surcharge.