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Complementary training

Consolidated text prepared by the academic management service

1. The additional training are teachings that allow incorporation to a second cycle leading to a degree other than the in the first cycle that has surpassed the student.

2. The registration of the complementary training will be unique and will be held at the Centre in which the teaching of 2nd cycle that these snap-ins provide access is attached.

3. The additional training may be taken:

(to) simultaneously to the teachings of first cycle of origin (in the event that they are mal in 2nd cycle, Center may establish that they pursue simultaneously the second cycle), or
(b) simultaneously to the teachings of the second cycle.

In any case to be respected the incompatibilities arising from the management of the respective curricula.

4. Recognition as a complementary training of credits previously earned will be generally as an adaptation.
5. Always under condition of reciprocity, shall be the global adaptation of the complementary training done at another University. In the event that had failed in its entirety, the student will be submitted to the validation procedure / partial adaptation of the materials that make up.
6. The loans obtained as additional training may not be applicable to claims of any nature in the teachings that give access.
7. The student chooses a different second cycle qualifications which you want to continue pursuing his studies, will need an authorization of simultaneity.