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Access to studies of first and second cycle

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See rule of reference

2. ACCESS To SECOND CYCLE. The priorities and criteria of assessment to access to a second cycle establish for each academic course in an Order of the Consellería of the Generalitat Valency with competitions in University studies. In the link of rule of reference will be able to find the last Order that is in force.

Besides, the Board of Government of the day 27 of July of 1998 established the following:

2.1.1. To access to educations that are direct continuation of the first cycle that is cursando or has surpassed the student, will have to fulfil the requirements established in the plan of studies.
2.1.2. To access to an education only of second cycle or to second cycles of educations that are not direct continuation of the first cycle cursado by the student, will be necessary that this accredit, of compliance with the own guidelines of the titulación that it treat , find in some of the following situations:
To) prpers Have obtained the title of Diplomado University, Architect or Technical Engineer, corresponding.

b) Have surpassed íntegramente a first cycle that of access to this education.

c) Surpass, of not to have it done before, the complementos of training signalled in the corresponding Ministerial Order, and fulfil with the other legal requirements.
2.2. The obtaining of the official title of Graduate, Architect or Engineer, will demand anyway the superación of a minimum of 300 credits established in the RD1497/1987, without perjuicio of the number of credits established in the corresponding plan of studies. In the supposition that, like consequence of the itinerario curricular followed by the student, this did not obtain such credits, the Board of Government, to proposal of the centre to the that are adscritas these educations, will determine the formative contents distributed in the number of necessary credits to achieve the minimum established in the plan of corresponding studies.
Only to effects to surpass the minimum of credits for the obtaining of the official title of Graduate, Architect or Engineer, the first cycle of plans no structured in credits, cursados in other universities that give access, with or without complementos of training, to a 2º cycle in this University, will value by the same number of credits that in this University has the first cycle of these studies. If it did not exist this first cycle would value by 150 credits. In this case cursarán the necessary credits until achieving the total of the established in the corresponding plan of studies.

2.3. The University, by agreement of the Board of Government and in function of the educational capacity, will be able to request the establishment of limit of admisión in the corresponding studies of second cycle. This limitation will not affect to the students that, in his case, incorporate to these educations like direct continuation of his first cycle.

In the supposed that exist limitation of squares to access to the educations of second cycle, the student that wish cursar said studies will have to request his preinscripción in the centre that have adscrita the titulación.

2.4. The students that access to a study of only second cycle or to a study that being of first and second cycle, in the University of Alicante only was implanted the second cycle, will be forced to enrol at least of 60 credits of the first course. Likewise they will have to surpass at least an asignatura of the first course to be able to continue the studies.

2.5. For the ordenación and adjudication of squares establishes the following distribution by contingents:
Those who have surpassed the studies that give him access to the second cycle in the University of Alicante or in any another University of the Valencian Community, always and when there is reciprocity. In foot of equality those that having surpassed the proofs of access to the University of Alicante, do not have cursado the studies that give him access in this University by no impartirse in the same as well as those that accredit a minimum of two years of residence in the province of Alicante.

Students and students of university districts in which no imparta the second cycle that it treat . To this group corresponds him until 10% of the squares.

For the students and students that do not find in any of the previous cases, until 5%.
Anyway the note of cut will have to be equal or upper to the ones of the first contingent of the first listing of admitted.

The order inside each group will establish as the half note ponderada of the file of first cycle of the student, or of the title of Diplomado, Architect or Technical Engineer that gives him access.
In the case of plans of previous study to the R.D. 1497/87 (BOE of 27/11/87) that do not have established an equivalence in credits, the data to take into account will be the arithmetical average of the qualifications of the file of first cycle or title of Diplomado, Architect or Technical Engineer that gives him access. To these effects, the asignaturas cuatrimestrales or semiannual will compute like average asignatura, and the projects of end of career like an asignatura annual.

Anyway it will apply the table of equivalences that establishes the annex I, point 4, of the R.D. 1267/94. (BOE Of 11 of June of 1994)

2.6. In the educations of second cycle will not be able to convalidar or adapt any of the matters or asignaturas that have surpassed in the first cycle that gives access to the education in question.

2.7. When it access to second cycles in which exist matters troncales or compulsory that have been surpassed in the first cycle of another plan of studies conducente to the same or to another titulación, each Centre will establish for each plan of studies the corresponding mechanism of replacement of the credits cursados by other matters that compensate the necessary credits for the obtaining of the title. Anyway establish like order of replacement the following:

First: by optativas of the same area of knowledge of the troncal or compulsory already cursada.
Segundo: By optativas of the same Department.
Tercero: By optativas of the plan of studies.

To) the denomination of the title or first cycle that gives him access, with indication of the university where obtained and the number of total credits surpassed,

b) The complementos of training surpassed or recognised, whenever they require for the access, with his qualification and number of credits (differentiated of the asignaturas of 2º cycle),

c) The number of announcements exhausted, and the qualification of the asignaturas or credits constitutivos of the 2º cycle, as well as any another notable academic circumstance,

d) Summary of the credits surpassed.

And) specific quotation of the resolution of the Centre or the Board of Government to the amparo of the agreement of the Council of Universities of 25 of March of 1997 by which regulates the superación of the necessary credits for the obtaining of the corresponding title.


The students and the students of the states members of the European Community will have, to effects of the established in this norm, the same treatment that corresponds to the ones of Spanish nationality.

The students and the students of foreign nationality, excluded the national of the states members of the C.And., that wish to initiate studies will have to have surpassed, in the course precedent, the proofs of access to the Spanish universities and proceed of countries that apply the principle of reciprocity in this matter. In the case of studies with LMA will access road preinscripción.

If these students wish to continue the studies initiated in his country will apply him the same criteria of admisión that to the Spanish students that move from other universities.